Dance Therapy

Since 2011, Delphine has been passionate about teaching beginner adult dance classes. For five years, she regularly taught at iDance Studios in Vancouver where she developed the skills to adapt her teaching style and artistry to serve an adult public. She became taken with teaching when she started to see all the inspiring positive effects that dance had on her clients. Through her classes, people were able build better body awareness, greater strength and flexibility. The challenge of coordinating multiple limbs to a certain rhythm allows for sharper cognitive pathways, which gave Delphine’s clients a faster reaction pace, quicker reflexes and better balance control. Her classes also give room for self-expression and, therefore, the release of heavy emotions. Participants leave her classes with a lighter heart and a brighter smile on their faces.

Delphine was so taken by these inspiring results that she decided to widen her horizons and start exploring dance therapy. In 2016, she trained with Parkinson En Movement, a non-profit organization that developed a specific dance program for people with Parkinson’s Disease. She completed her training in May 2017 and is looking forward to growing her range of expertise. This has allowed her intention of purpose to deepen and her relationship with dance to constantly evolve.




J’ai le grand privilège, encore à ce jour d’être une élève de Delphine Leroux dans les cours  de  mouvement de “Parkinson En Mouvement”.

Ces classes sont offerts aux personnes atteintes de  Parkinson. Sourire radieux, les yeux pétillants, Delphine nous accueille le coeur grand ouvert en demandant de nos nouvelles.  Soucieuse de notre santé et bien-être.  À l’écoute de nos besoins, elle intervient avec patience et délicatesse. Son énergie dynamique  nous stimule et je rentre à la maison encouragée à poursuivre de semaine en semaine.

Avec toute ma gratitude. Tu es vraiment merveilleuse Delphine.

Laurence Estelle Morissette




photo credit: Amanda Webb